Bondy's Gold & Shoppe
Ypsilanti (734)544-1218

What We Do:
Buy, Sell &

We Buy:
Fine Gold Coin &  Bullion
Fine Silver Coin &  Bullion
Gold Jewelry
Silver Coins 
Designer Watches
Small Electronics
Apple Watches
MacBook Pro/Air
Digital Cameras
Battery Powered Tools
Gaming Systems
Jordan Retro Shoes

We buy and sell a variety of products as well as offer a buy-option for those who need cash temporarily, but want their item back. 
We Sell:
We primarily sell small electronics, but carry a much larger variety including all of the products listed under our 'We Buy' list. 

If you need money, but don't want to permanently sell an item you can take part in a 'Buy-Option'. 

Buy Option Defined:
We purchase your item, but agree to give you either 14 or 28 days to purchase your item back prior to it being listed for sale to the public.

How it Works:
1. Bring in an item. 
2. We determine an amount at which we are willing to purchase your item. 
3. You choose either 14 or 28 days to purchase your item back at a set price. 
4. On or before the specified date you can come in to Bondy's and purchase your item back.